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One of the most abundant natural resources available in the world is gas. The use of this resource as an alternative source of energy has its advantages. Foremost is the fact that it is a cleaner burning fuel. This means less pollution into an ecologically delicate world. Liquefied Petroleum Gas “LPG” production requires less processing therefore allowing it to come onto the market at a lower cost than other energy sources. And in the Kingdom, LPG is, to a large degree, a by-product of the large, oil industry.

SGCF started its manufacturing operation in the year 1982.


Large capacity tanks are produced in a separate line. In this production line, parts and mountings Including the plates, dished ends, sockets, valves and fittings, are sourced externally the process begins with the shearing and rolling of plates into the main cylindrical shells.


With the exception of the basic raw material of steel coils/strips, valve necks and gas flow control valves, which are sourced externally, the whole process is carried out in our factory, in the second industrial city in Riyadh The Cylinder production is carried out in three separate divisions In the first stage, the metal fabrication takes place.

  1. Production stage
  2. Welding stage
  3. Finishing stage


While choosing a cylinder or a tank, your main concern is to get the best choice that meets your needs.
With the rise of demand on LPG cylinders and tanks, we invite you to contribute to the spread of this fast-growing product.

Cylinder Size


Tanks Sizes

450L, 1000L, 1750L

2000L, 4000L, 7000L, 10000L

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