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Safety Standards at Enagas

Enagas is a pioneer in the LPG cylinder and tank manufacturing industry. Our products are put through the most extreme tests including exposure to temperatures well in excess of the normal climate here in Saudi Arabia, so you can rest assured knowing the product you own is of the highest international standards.

For your safety, Enagas strongly urges you to buy original certified Enagas products only from licensed distributors.

Our Commitment

Enagas is committed to health and safety standard guidelines set-forth by regulatory bodies such as Civil defense. Further, Enagas adheres to the strictest quality standards issued by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) as well as other quality assurance agencies such as the globally accepted ISO certification.

We here at Enagas take your safety very seriously and are committed to manufacturing the best product in the region, made in Saudi Arabia which minimizes potential damage during transport.

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