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With the exception of the basic raw material of steel coils/strips, valve necks and gas flow control valves, which are sourced externally, the whole process is carried out in our factory, in the second industrial city in Riyadh The Cylinder production is carried out in three separate divisions In the first stage, the metal fabrication takes place.

  1. Production stage
  2. Welding stage
  3. Finishing stage

Production stage

The collars, base rings, mid sections and top & bottom shells are produced from steel coils/slits. The various processes include blanking, shearing, deep drawing, piercing, trimming & beading, embossing, rolling and forming. The formed parts are then conveyed into the welding division. Here, all parts thoroughly degreased to ensure total welding integrity In this division, the welding process of valve necks and collars to the top shells, base rings to the bottom shells and the long seam on the mid sections take place.

Welding stage

The top and bottom shells and the middle parts are assembled and circumferential seam welding take place resulting in semi-finished cylinders. All welding is done automatically The final stage of production takes place in the finishing division.

Finishing stage

Here, the cylinders receive their heat treatment, hydro-testing and shot-blasting before being electrostatically power coated or painted with primer & baking enamel. as per the color requirement of the customers because each national market has its own standard color for the identification of LPG cylinders. Finally, the valve neck threads are cleaned, stamped with test date and tare weight, the valves are fixed and leak test carried out. Additional processes such as Barcode printing, Screen printing, Tag, Vacuumization, Packing etc. are carried out, if required by the customers . The cylinders are manufactured and tested according to Saudi Standards or any other International Standards, as required by each customer. Furthermore, the manufacturing process conforms to the Technical Rules for Pressure Vessels Manufacture as set out by SASO GSO ISO 22991:2015

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